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With the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus in 2020, many people had no choice but to experience therapy remotely. Even with the rise of alternative therapies, telephone sessions are still quite popular. Having therapy over the phone can offer a more flexible approach as travelling to and from a venue is removed, and it may appeal to some people to experience therapy over the phone in their own chosen space.

Although telephone sessions come with some limitations with regards to visual work, it does offer an alternative, especially in times of crisis where transport is not possible.  If you have been working with me through another medium, in between sessions you may feel like you need to reach out but availability may cause a problem. Having a telephone session can help in these circumstances.

Telephone sessions can also be useful if you are curious about therapy, but unsure whether to pursue one to one work.  


Sessions cost £40 for 50 minutes, with a slightly reduced rate for the initial session.

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